Who are we?

Ben and Ella

Hi, we are Ben and Ella le Roux, we’re twins born in 2014. Mom and Dad love to travel and we have inherited the travel bug from them. We had our first foreign travel experience in 2015 at the age of 8 months when we went to visit friends in Belgium and France. In 2016 we went to Turkey for a visit and to catch up with friends. In 2018 we spent a month on Reunion Island, chilling in the sun and enjoying the warm tropical water.

Ben Ella birth_edited.jpg


Mom used to live and work in the UK and traveled most of Europe during her time there. She has also been to a couple of Asian countries and can tell you a lot of stories about her Indian experience.

Mom India_edited.jpg


Dad has been on many crazy adventures, he drove from Cape Town to London, then cycled most of Europe, the Middle East and Asia, the last count he had been to 75 countries. He lived in Turkey and Belgium for a couple of years and even managed to pick up their languages. He has a bunch of crazy stories about his experiences.

Dad bike Pakistan.jpg