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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

We arrived in Europe on the 11th of June and we immediately went camper hunting. We looked at a few campers and found our home for the next 6 months in Beersel about 20km south of Brussels.

We initially stayed with our friends Hilde and Joris and their kids Marthe 7 and Emiel 4 in Halle a beautiful town south of Brussels. We had a ball of a time with our new friends and it took the kids about a day to understand each other in a mix of Afrikaans and Flemmish.

We caught up with Leiv and Elona and their daughters and spent an afternoon with them showing us their horse-riding skills. Leiv helped me get the insurance for the camper, which without it would not be possible to register it.

Hilde organized a Kiala dinner at a very nice restaurant and it was great to catch up with a bunch of old Kiala colleagues while drinking good Belgian beer.

While we were waiting for the formal stuff to be done to get the camper ready we went on a road trip to a couple of places in Belgium.

We headed out the Ardennes in the eastern part of Belgium and stayed in a little village close to the medieval town of Durbuy, here the kids also made friends with the owner of the guesthouse and had a ball of a time. Durbuy is a very pretty town with a lot of history dating back to the 14th century, it only has 500 permanent inhabitants but is classified as a town through a middle ages charter, and it claims to be the smallest town in the world. It was very warm and we went for a swim in the Ourthe river.

After three days in the Ardennes we headed back to stay with our friends Liesbeth, Ingo and the twins Milan and Mateo in Erpe. We had a great time with them and the kids thought they were in heaven playing with all the wonderful toys of the twins. We were treated to all kinds of Belgian delights by our friends and were invited to a BBQ at Liesbeth’s boss, Wim who has a fantastic collection of South African wine that he kindly shared with us in great quantities, it felt like being home in South Africa.

Whilst we were still waiting for the papers of the camper we decided to head to the Belgian coast and stayed 3 nights in Nieuwpoort. At the place we stayed there was huge play park and a pool, needless to say most of the 3 days were spent playing and swimming.

We got a call from Leiv to confirm the insurance was sorted and that we could go ahead with the registration and roadworthy test for the camper. We headed back and delivered the necessary documents to the agent we bought the camper from. Excitement was building up and we had to wait 2 more days before we finally got our hands the camper.

So the camper for those that like the details, it is a 2009 Ford transit 2.2lt base with 56000 km on the clock, the camper was build in Italy and is a Blucamp Sky22. It sleeps four people and is very well looked after. Our first 400km we drove it gave a respectable 9.7lt/100km.

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