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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

We arrived in Hungary and found a campsite in Lenti, 8km from the Slovenian border. The site was situated next to a thermal sping with a huge waterpark. There were a lot of old Austrians at the campsite that seem to live there all summer. We were greeted by an old Austrian who "helped" me park my camper. He spoke only German but i could understand when he asked me if i drink wine and indicated to his camper parked across the street. We spent the day swimming and enjoyimg all the rides at the waterpark. The evening i went over to my Austrian friend whose name was Tony he was 84 years old and he produced a bottle of Austrian Riesling wine which we finished while conversing in German. The more we drank the easier it seemed to understand each other.

We left the following day for lake Balaton which is the largest lake in Central Europe. Our camp spot was right next to the swimming pool and the twins were more in the water than outside. The next day we visited Tapolca caves that has an underground river which you can paddle along in a small boat through some very narrow caves. We decided to head up north to Bratislava and travel a bit through Slovakia before returning back to Budapest and further east through Hungary.

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