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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The road winded down towards Susa, the first town in Italy it was hard on the brakes but we reached the bottom intact. The villages we travelled through were very different from France, there were a lot of derelict buildings and it seemed that people just abandoned them and left them to fall apart.

Our first night we found a very basic camping site in Avigliana halfway between the border and Turin, we had a nice BBQ and a couple of glasses of red wine. We headed east towards Milan avoiding the motorways and again was struck by the negligence we saw in the small villages. The county side was green and we saw a lot of small scale farming along the route. We arrived at a camping site in Turbigo, we were greeted by a lady with only 2 bottom teeth and a well-manicured mustache. The site was located next the Tocino river which seemed to be a popular swimming spot. We encountered our first taste of Italian mosquito's and had to close everything, so they don’t carry us away. The next day we headed to lake Garda and found a beautiful spot on the bank of the lake. We immediately got our swimming clothes on and had a dip in the fresh cold water. We stayed here for 2 days and did a bit of exploring around the lake and swimming all day long. We left Garda and headed to Fusina which is a port village located across the bay from Venice. There is a ferry port 100m from our campsite that takes you to the heart of Venice in 20 minutes. We took the ferry the late afternoon to Venice and had a stroll around this amazing city with canals and condolos transporting tourist around. Ben and Ella had a great time chasing the pigeons around. While we were there a huge storm was brewing and we got caught in the pouring rain. The next day we headed off to Slovenia. When we arrived at our campsite we realised that we forgot my passport and to pay at the campsite in Fusina so we had to return the 150km the next day to get my passport and pay for our accommodation.

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