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Updated: Aug 10, 2019

The road to Slovakia from Hungary was flat and we took the highway which we usually try to avoid. We arrived in Bratislava in peak Friday afternoon traffic and had to make our way very slowly to the campsite. We arrived and the campsite was already packed and being the only site in Bratislava it had known better days. The site was located on the outskirts of the city next to a lake that caters for all types of water sports and a swimming beach. We took a dip in the greenish water but because of the heat any water felt great. When we returned to the camper we heard that someone had stolen the bicycle of a Belgian couple An and Marco camping next to us in broad daylight while they were sitting outside. It was the first campsite that we felt a bit uneasy and had to take extra care of our things. The next morning we planned to visit Bratislava but a huge storm broke out and the whole campsite and town was flooded. Fortunately there was a big shopping centre around the corner that had an indoor play area for the twins. The rain eventually subsided and we took the camper into town where we were fortunate to find a parking close to the old centre of town. Bratislava has a fairly small city centre and although some of the buildings were impressive it was a bit neglected. We returned back to our campsite that had become very crowded. There were 3 Czech friends camping opposite us and they returned back from the pub at 4am and then started arguing and fighting at full volume with each other till 6am so we and everyone around us had little sleep. We left the Sunday morning for Hungary and it was raining again. We followed the road on the Slovakian side of the Danube and could see that side of the Danube and could see that the countryside towns were neglected and not well keot, lots of incomplete houses and the main streets of towns had a lot of building in need of repair. We eventually reached the border into Hungary crossing the bridge at Esztergom. Maybe i did not spend enough time in Slovakia to get a feel for the country, will have to come back and spend more time here.

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